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Lead, Speak, and Coach

Wayne's Mission-  To help good leaders become great and more effective. In addition, be able to lead, understand their people and develop key high potential team members.

Wayne's Passion- Is purely focused on people and their development, designed to help you to set goals that will actually drive change in your life.


With a coaching philosophy grounded in the fundamentals of Business and Leadership. Wayne specializes in propelling already accomplished leaders and their teams to the next level to personal and professional success.  


He refined his training, development, and skills while working as a  District Sales Manager developing competency-based training standards. Also was trained by the JMT certification program. 


Wayne played sports at an early age and learned accountable self-discipline and teamwork. Sports prepared him to set realistic goals and helped him to become a leader. In fact, Wayne played professional baseball MLB for the Boston Redsox and New York Mets. 


Today, Wayne is focused on coaching and developing leaders within corporations. Also works one-on-one with clients for personal development and elite athletes in the transition from the college or minor leagues to the MLB. Wayne is an active member of the local  Rotary Clubs and served on Non-profit organizations.


He is looking forward to assisting you in your journey to becoming the best version of yourself and helping you find your voice. If you are looking to make some positive change then reach out to him.



Wayne's greatest reward in life is seeing the progress made after working with individuals or groups over time.

He loves to watch people reach their full potential and become more confident while achieving success -

this fuels his passion for coaching.


Wayne's coaching is delivered with passion, patience, and satisfaction. He believes in collaboration while focusing on results that provide long-term benefits. 

Once you've experienced Wayne's energy, motivation, and sheer passion for life – you'll never be the same again!

Wayne has coached athletes to crush records and to break through barriers previously believed insurmountable. He's taken teams from mediocrity to excellence – making them world-class in their sport. His coaching has led others toward the life of their dreams – creating exponential change. Wayne is an expert at teaching individuals how to create a purposeful and successful life.


Change Starts Today

Schedule a no-cost discovery call to see if I'm the right person to help you make the change you're looking for.  We will respond within one business day. Thanks!

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Wayne is a highly sought-after speaker and coach with a proven track record for creating exponential growth in individuals and organizations alike. His enthusiasm is contagious – catching the spirit of possibility – igniting a fire within people to achieve great things. He instills a sense of purpose and meaning while coaching individuals to believe they are capable of taking on any challenge – no matter how great or small. His keynotes are refreshing, invigorating, and to the point.

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