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"A coach is like anything else. there's no magic trick. You get out of it what you put into it. You have to work the steps, etc. So when you're motivated and ready to put in the effort, give Wayne a call."

- Susan M, Public School Teacher, Orange, CA


"Your coaching has made a profound change in my life. Your direction has been amazing."

- John N, Attorney, Tustin, CA


"Wayne was exactly what I needed. And I didn't think I needed a coach, I am doing pretty well, so I thought! Wayne showed and told me things that I have never thought about. It was refreshing, He walked through every step of the way, and now I can say I have a new take on my life, "Wayne you rock"

- Shawn H.,  CEO Riverside, CA


"I worked with Wayne over the course of several months, as I was assessing career options at my current employer, considering board positions, and thinking through my career path options. Wayne was supportive, radically candid, and provided healthy debate to my decision-making. In addition, we worked on the best methods of articulating strengths based on the different roles I was exploring. I’m happy to say that I have recently been promoted and am actively engaged in conversations for a board position. Having Wayne vet out opportunities with an unbiased lens was incredibly valuable. I continue to look forward to sessions with Wayne, as I continue to develop


- Ellen C. Corp, President, Rancho Cucamonga, CA


"I started talking to Wayne at a time when I’d already decided to make a big change in my life – Make a change from my current job. But while I was clear that I wanted to leave I was much less clear about what things might really be like once I’d done it, and that’s when I got in touch with Wayne. I was fortunate he had lots of ideas for imagining what I wanted my new life to look like, as well as practical suggestions for getting my finances organized in the interim, and for creating better boundaries in my working life so that I was more in control. It made me feel a lot more positive about the future, and I found the support he gave me during this time of quite dramatic changes invaluable."

- Debbie Z., Marketing Director  Sacramento, CA

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Wayne is a highly sought-after speaker and coach with a proven track record for creating exponential growth in individuals and organizations alike. His enthusiasm is contagious – catching the spirit of possibility – igniting a fire within people to achieve great things. He instills a sense of purpose and meaning while coaching individuals to believe they are capable of taking on any challenge – no matter how great or small. His keynotes are refreshing, invigorating, and to the point.

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